Modern Lawyer

Felicity has practised exclusively in family law since her admission. Her passion for family law commenced when she was studying law and working as a personal assistant to a family lawyer. For the last three years of her double degree, she studied full time and worked full time. She likes to be busy.

Felicity enjoys family law because it is such a complex, interesting and stimulating area of law. It provides the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people to achieve a beneficial outcome for them.

Felicity is empathetic and methodical and enjoys building strong working relationships with clients. She also loves a “to do” list.

Real Person

Felicity was born and bred in the country. She loves the big city life but also enjoys escaping back to the country for a change of pace. Felicity enjoys being in nature so long as it is not too hot, too cold, too windy or too wet.

She loves coffee, sweet treats, reading, listening to podcasts and binge watching Netflix which unfortunately does not happen often enough.

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