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Jiaying is an experienced lawyer holding a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce from the Australian National University. She is a native Mandarin and English speaker, having grown up in both Taiwan and Australia.

Jiaying is known around the office for being a quick operator and human computer. She has experience in Family Law and Wills.

Since joining the firm in 2018, she has been thinking a lot about how to make the law a better place for our clients. After much thinking she coded the AI behind our online family law service

If you are a looking for lawyer with creative problem solving approaches, quick turnaround times and a background in finance, Jiaying is the right person to speak to.

Jiaying appears in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra on a regular basis.

Jiaying specialises in family law and can assist you with:

  • Family law litigation in contested property, parenting or divorce proceedings;
  • Pre-nuptial or de facto Binding Financial Agreements;
  • Drafting documents to formalise your agreement regarding property settlement, parenting, child support and spousal maintenance;
  • Collaborative law, and resolutions out of court;
  • Loan agreements between you and family members;
  • Preparing for and appearing for you at mediations.

In particular, Jiaying has experience in issues that are common for Chinese families such as:

  • Disputes about equitable interests in property, for example, in cases where you or your partner own property on behalf of someone else;
  • Disputes involving property in Australia as well as overseas jurisdictions such as China;
  • Disputes about loans or gifts from parents or other family members;
  • Disputes involving complex company and trust structures.

Real Person

On weekends and in the wee hours of the morning or night Jiaying can be found on a mountain nearby with her trail running pack and minimalist running shoes. She’s passionate about mountain sports like rogaining, cross country skiing, ultra distance trail running and rock-climbing. She would rather a tent over a 5-star hotel any day of the week.

But – don’t be afraid to email her at any time. As long as she has reception she will answer you at the top of the next hill.

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