Modern Professional

Jenny completed the Advanced Diploma of Translating, conducted by Multilink Academy of Interpreting and Translating. She was awarded with an Accreditation as a one-way Certified Translator from English into Chinese by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

Jenny has experience translating documents from English to Chinese for clients who do not read or speak English. Jenny can work with lawyers to translate complex and longer legal documents such as Wills or Affidavits and provide informal interpreting assistance during conferences.

Jenny also assists lawyers at the firm as a Legal Assistant, and can liaise directly with Chinese speaking clients.

Real Person

Jenny grew up in China and completed her primary and secondary education there. She graduated a with Bachelor’s Degree of Economics (Major in Finance) from Wuhan University, China in 2013.

After working as a civil servant for the Chinese Government for a few years, Jenny migrated to Australia to complete further studies. She graduated with a Masters of Accounting from the Australian National University in 2018. She is currently studying law at the University of Canberra.

Jenny lives with her two lovely children and one adorable cat. She loves travelling to explore the world, meeting different cultures and people.

Jenny also loves music and sharing her love of music with her two children. Having started playing piano at the age of 4, she passed the Piano Amateur Examination tenth level test at the age of 12, which is the highest amateur level in China. She is also good at singing, and likes to sing Mandarin and Cantonese pop songs. These days she is teaching her children to sing and play the piano.

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