Modern Paralegal

Allie started at FGD in 2015 having been a star witness in a case we acted in. At paragraph 187 of that case, Watts J said in respect of Allie, “I did not find her evidence to be in any way unreliable.” We’d extend that sentiment to her work but would add that she is thorough, sensitive, intelligent and a great problem solver. Allie has worked in various roles during her time at FGD, including in management, and has been a senior paralegal since 2019.

Don’t let her affable personality and general good nature fool you; when required Allie is tenacious and assertive and clients have regularly commented on how dependable she was in a crisis. Allie is passionate about using creative thinking to develop strategy and help her clients to reach outcomes that work for them. You will be stoked to have her on your team, as are we.

Real Person

In one of her previous lives, Allie spent a couple of years as an NRL cheerleader. These days, you’re more likely to catch her at a Rugby Union game or watching the tennis, but she still has a soft spot for League. She’s also our resident art guru, having completed most of a Bachelor of Art History before deciding that family law was her real calling. Outside of work she now spends her time juggling uni and motherhood. She doesn’t mind treating herself to some luxury, but you’re more likely to find her holidaying in a swag than a five star hotel. She loves good design, being outside, her dog George, and believes yoga and good food are the cure for just about anything.

Our People