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Jessica joined our specialist Estates team in 2018, after several years working in the pro bono sector, where she primarily assisted with matters relating to family and employment law.

Jessica is a tech-savvy solicitor with a particular focus on managing deceased estates efficiently and with minimal fuss. Jessica’s strength is her nuanced understanding of probate and estate administration processes, such as dealings with land and financial institutions, which allows her to advise clients about what they can expect both in the short- and long-term. Jessica understands the significant stress associated with dealing with a loved one’s deceased estate—therefore, her primary objective is to ensure that all our clients receive comprehensive and catered services with minimal complications.

Jessica’s experience and knowledge of probate and estate administration informs her estate planning, and is the first point of call for clients who need Wills drafted to suit their specific needs.

Jessica appreciates that all of her clients need assistance that responds to their own personal circumstances, priorities and objectives. These often vary from their relationships to their financial position and she does what she can to advise all clients to achieve balance.

Real person

If you start a conversation about movies with Jessica, you can trust that she will speak about her favourites for hours. Apart from maintaining her movie diary, Jessica also enjoys trying new hobbies that she has wanted to do since childhood, such as learning the drums, attempting murder mystery games, and cooking culinary dishes from Myanmar.

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