Modern Lawyer

Zoe graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney and began her career working at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and then the ACT Magistrates Court as a Legal Associate. At university her combined Management and Law degrees developed her interest in people and behavioural science- which led her to pursue a career in family law. She is particularly interested in matters involving family violence. Zoe has experience working with people from all walks of life and has worked in the community, private and government sectors in Sydney. This has given her an ability to build relationships and make people feel comfortable when seeking her assistance.

Real person

Zoe finds magic in the simple- she loves the purr of her Burmese cat (her ‘burm baby’), laughing, exercising and knocking back a wheel of camembert at one of mother nature’s finest picnic spots. Zoe loves the idea of being riddled with exciting hobbies that make her seem adventurous and high octane- but that’s just not her. She once tried water skiing and failed miserably.

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