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Zoe is a compassionate and dedicated family lawyer with a background in people and behavioural science. She graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, where she obtained combined degrees in Management and Law. Zoe’s passion for helping individuals and families navigate complex issues led her to specialise in family law. With experience working as an Associate at the ACT Children’s Court and as a Solicitor at FGD, Zoe has honed her skills in handling diverse and challenging parenting matters, including those involving family violence. She also has great financial nous, and is well-versed in complex financial and financial agreement cases.

Throughout her career, Zoe has worked in various sectors, including community, private, and government settings in both Sydney and Canberra. Her ability to build strong relationships and create a comfortable environment for her clients has been a key factor in her success. Zoe understands the importance of making clients feel at ease when seeking legal assistance, and she approaches each case with empathy and professionalism.

Real person

Outside of her legal work, Zoe finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. She loves her Burmese cat, (her ‘burm baby’), pilates, running, and spending quality time outdoors and with friends and family. Zoe loves the idea of being riddled with exciting hobbies that make her seem adventurous and high octane- but that’s just not her. She once tried water skiing and failed miserably.

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