Child And Family Specialist (She/Her)

Kristal is our resident Child And Family Specialist.

Kristal was so impressed with our in house role at FGD that she moved her family interstate to be a part of what sets FGD apart from other law firms.

Kristal’s vision is that children and their families can and must remain in good shape even after separation and she is here to support you do just that!

Kristal joined the team in 2020, bringing 15 years of experience working with children and families at the interface of Family Law. She is a separation and divorce Coach, a qualified Mediator, a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and a Child Consultant. Her work achievements include co-developing a Child Inclusive model of Practice which she presented at The National Child Inclusive Conference in 2015. Kristal has trained, mentored and supervised practitioners in this practice for over 5 years.

Joining forces – combining Kristal’s background and expertise with the legal expertise enhances our clients experience and the outcomes for children and families. When you engage with FGD, you will be supported both in legal strategy and have the opportunity to access Kristal’s support through what can be a very stressful process, plus receive information and advice that is developmentally supportive of your children’s individual and shared needs. Clients report feeling understood, supported and unburdened when engaging Kristal’s service.

Real Person

It probably comes as no surprise that Kristal loves children and family. She loves getting together over shared meals and having a laugh. Music, movement and water are her go to for self-care.

Real estate is another love of Kristal’s and she admits she has probably watched one too many house renovation shows! She loves a good joke, but struggles to retain them and is a little too competitive at social games!

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