Modern Lawyer

Olivia was one of the three founders of Farrar Gesini Dunn in 1995.

In practice she is known as clever, creative, strategic, compassionate, highly supportive of her clients’ interests with an unwavering professional and ethical approach to the court and the legal profession. Olivia is a strong and effective advocate and negotiator for her clients whether in court or in collaborative matters. Olivia has a particular passion for resolving cases using the collaborative law process and has pioneered the expansion of collaboration into areas such as negotiating Binding Financial Agreements for high net worth individuals and sometimes for whole families.

Olivia has returned to FGD in her new Solicitor Training and Development role after 10 years exploring other areas of professional interest including designing and teaching Masters level Specialist Family Law courses at the ANU, working as Deputy Registrar of the High Court, co-writing a textbook on Family Law, and focussing on collaborative family law at a small boutique Canberra law firm.

In her current role, Olivia’s focus is on solicitor training and mentoring and providing high level strategy in complex cases. After more than 35 years in practice, Olivia has a lot to offer the solicitors in the firm, and through them the clients of the firm.

Real Person

Olivia grew up living in different countries and studying in other places and in other languages. She is pretty good at understanding people’s strong accents in English.

Olivia is a great animal lover, soon to take on a new puppy. She loves spending time at the south coast indulging her hobbies of renovating, cooking and kayaking (with puppy on board!). Her son is a great joy to her.

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