Modern Lawyer

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Maria graduated with a Bachelor of Law and Arts from the University of Auckland. During her studies, Maria gained valuable experience working at a Commercial Law firm, where she honed her legal skills and understanding.

In early 2023, Maria made the exciting decision to relocate to Sydney, Australia, to embark on a new chapter in her legal career focused on Family Law. Recognising the profound impact that legal issues can have on families, Maria is determined to make a positive and meaningful impact.

Maria is a passionate member of our team, driven by her long-standing interest in the field. She is dedicated to achieving outcomes that prioritise the best interests of children and takes an outcome-focused approach to her work.

Real Person

Maria has a penchant for coffee (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t), exploring all that Sydney’s suburbs has to offer, and watching true crime documentaries. Armed with her Arts degree in Criminology, she’s your go-to guru for all things criminal behaviour.

But here’s the twist: Maria’s secret guilty pleasure is indulging in reality TV shows. So, whether you need a caffeine fix, an exploration partner, or a true crime discussion buddy, Maria has you covered – plus a few reality TV recommendations on the side!

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