Modern Paralegal

Rashmiga is an up-and-coming legal professional, originally from Singapore. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from The Australian National University, and is currently completing her practical legal training, as she paves the way for her official admission. Her academic pursuits were complemented by working at community legal centres which enriched her skill set and perspective. Now, as she sets her sights on a rewarding career in family law, she is fuelled by determination to create a positive and profound impact. With her diverse background and resolute commitment, she is poised to bring a fresh perspective to our team.

Real Person

Rashmiga finds solace in lifting weights at the gym – a practice that mirrors her dedication to lifting burdens off our clients’ shoulders. Rashmiga is also a passionate gridiron player, which is a bit like navigating the complexities of a case, just with a different kind of playbook. But it’s not all suits and sports; she also has a soft spot for exploring nature’s beauty through hiking and embarking on road trips.

Our People