Modern Accountant

JK is a Chartered Accountant who is also dual-qualified as a Lawyer, making him particularly instrumental to FGD’s vision to provide a unique multidisciplinary service to FGD’s clients.

JK works very closely with FGD’s team of Family and Estate lawyers (and occasionally with counsel) to enhance the team’s conceptual understanding of the financial issues at play. Key areas where JK’s insights have proven valuable include:

  • Identifying and explaining complex business structures and transactions, especially considering the interactions between commercial realities and legal positions,
  • Interpreting and understanding financial statements,
  • Reviewing and critiquing expert witness reports,
  • Developing a tax-effective strategy for the administration of deceased estates,
  • Supporting client’s financial positions after the conclusion of their matters.

In addition to being a unique resource to FGD’s legal practice, JK also heads up FGD’s business advisory practice providing boutique accounting and tax services to a wide range of clients with a with a particular interest in financial security and planning for early retirement. JK takes special care in presenting business, accounting, and tax concepts in a clear and patient manner to ensure that his clients have a good understanding of risks and opportunities.

JK has a passion for technology and computing, and is particularly good at applying his analytical mind to create financial models on spreadsheets. He also has experience implementing technological solutions to accounting and embracing cloud computing solutions to automate admin tasks, record keeping and reporting.

Real Person

JK’s passion for technology extends to the personal. He spends spare weekends playing video games on his computer or keeping up to date with the latest in Bitcoin. JK also has a passion for general aviation and is training for a private pilot’s licence.

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