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Julie is an Accredited Family Law Specialist, an Accredited Mediator and has acted as an Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) for over 15 years. Her Family Law experience spans over 35 years. Prior to joining FGD, Julie was the Managing Director in a boutique family law practice in Sydney and is recognised for her expertise in legal knowledge and its practical application and for providing practical and specified legal advice to clients in complex parenting and property matters, relocation, child support, spouse maintenance and de facto property settlement.

Julie creates strong relationships and networks in the profession and has a reputation for direct, pragmatic and specialised advice. She is a persuasive advocate who understands the complexity of family law for both parenting and property matters. Whilst negotiated outcomes are Julie’s primary focus, she is confident and highly experienced in the litigation arena and has undertaken complex financial and parenting matters involving Senior Counsel, forensic accountants and a range of medical experts.

Real person

Julie spends most of her time away from work travelling whether that be a cheeky weekend in the country, an overseas trip to visit family or on occasion a more exotic destination with some adventure.

When home based, you will find her on weekends restoring and upcycling antique furniture, walking, elbow deep in the kitchen cooking up her latest gastronomic delight for friends and family or indulging in the latest historical biography.

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Family Law Accredited Specialist

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