Modern Paralegal

Grace initially joined the FGD family in our management team as our IT expert. She quickly transitioned into a Personal Assistant position, and thereafter became a Paralegal. Grace has a particular interest in litigated parenting disputes involving issues relating to mental health and family violence.

Grace’s polite and calm demeanour often puts clients at ease during what is often a difficult time in their lives. But don’t let her soft spoken side fool you – she can be assertive and forceful when necessary, some might even call her the quiet assassin.

Real Person

On top of occasionally benefitting from her homemade butter, chilli oil and delicious banoffee pie, we’re also lucky to have her because she is smart, hardworking and quick witted. Grace often goes the extra mile for her clients and we’re confident you’ll be happy to have her on your team.

Having grown up in Sydney, Grace was relived to discover Canberra’s thriving foodie culture when she moved down for university. Most days you’ll find her WFH (working from Harvest), noise-cancelling headphones on and flat white in hand.

Our People