Modern Lawyer

A fearless and resilient lawyer with the heart of a lion, Nora  is committed to achieving the greatest result for her clients. Nora’s experience includes a vast array of complex family law matters including property division, sensitive and high conflict parenting matters, child support disputes and international family law issues. Nora has the ability to identify the best possible strategy in each case to maximise the advantage to her client. Whether it be via negotiation or litigation, Nora will work towards the solution that is tailored to her client’s case.

Nora is passionate about every single one of her cases and pursues justice for others in both her personal and professional life. Nora has advocated for human rights at the United Nations in New York on two occasions on behalf of an internationally renowned Non-Government Organisation recognised also by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the Assyrian Aid Society. Nora continues to successfully balance competing priorities and deliver outstanding results for those in need.

Real Person

Don’t judge me but I am a former CrossFit junkie, now more into strength and conditioning training. I have a love/hate relationship with Nutella, I hate that I love it so much…and a fun fact about me is that you’ll find me in Coldplay’s ‘Sky Full of Stars’ film clip.

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