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Kasey Fox

modern lawyer | real twitter queen

Looking for a family lawyer in Canberra?

Since joining us in 2004 Kasey has had a meteoric rise to now be one of Canberra’s top family lawyers.  She is pragmatic, thorough, passionate about her work and very protective of her clients.  When necessary, Kasey is a fierce litigator and fights for her clients like a tiger.  Kasey is experienced in (and good at) collaborative law and tries to reach negotiated outcomes where possible. She is right across all areas of family law including divorce, property settlements for married and defacto couples,  same sex matters, trusts, companies, complex children’s matters and everything else under the sun.

Since joining twitter, Kasey has had an impressive rise in popularity and now has more than 2000 followers.  She is a social media icon, to say the least.  As well as enjoying her witty quips, her followers read useful information obtained from her extensive knowledge of family law with moments of random facts from her terrible taste in trashy television shows (like jerry springer and real housewives). Her knowledge of social media has also come in very handy in a number of Court cases.

Kasey is a lover of wine, a resourceful online shopper, animal lover and bookcrosser (whatever that is!)

If you are looking for an empathetic and passionate family lawyer in Canberra, Kasey might be the right lawyer for you.

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