A couple of days ago I read a “viral” Facebook post by an American single mum about the father of her child (original article here).

The reason the post went viral?

NOT because Dad was hurting the child

NOT because Dad was dodging his responsibilities

NOT because Dad was taking her to Court.

The post went viral because Jessica Singleton was singing the praises of her former partner.

Some of the things Jessica praises her former partner Jon Megason for include collecting pull-ups and dropping them off to save her loading the child up to go to the shops, telling their child “not to forget Mummy’s boyfriend when he lists his favourite people” and hanging out with Jessica’s sister so their child can be with his cousins.

The post ends with a message to other parents who are co-parenting and urges them to be forgiving for the sake of their children.

The post has gained international attention with many applauding the co-parenting of Jessica and Jon. I certainly take my hats off to the pair for working together in their children’s best interests.

When people separate and decide to see a lawyer, inevitably they think they will have to go to Court, or end up in a “fight” with their former partner  about the arrangements for their child. At Farrar Gesini Dunn we see things differently. We offer a variety of services that allow parents who are co-parenting effectively to have certainty and to focus their energy on being the best parents they can rather than on litigation.

We can provide you with advice about an informal parenting plan or a child support agreement (to avoid the need for involvement from the Child Support Agency). We also specialise in Collaborative Law, a process which enables you to work through issues relating to your children in a constructive way, often assisted by child psychologist or other experts who can help to address your children’s needs.

If you are striving for a co-parenting relationship like Jessica and Jon, get in touch with us about what we can do to get you on the right track.

Victoria Blakeley is a Family Lawyer at Farrar Gesini Dunn, Canberra Office