Family Court Fees

The Court has announced new fees effective from 1 July 2023, and as family lawyers have come to expect, there have been increases to the fees across the board.

The following table outlines some of the difference in fees pre and post 1 July 2023:

ITEM PRE 1 July 2023 NEW FEES FROM 1 JULY 2023
Application for divorce $990 $1,060
Application for divorce – reduced fee^ $330 $350
Application for consent orders $180 $195
Application for decree as to nullity $1,405 $1,505
Application for decree as to nullity – reduced fee^ $465 $500
Application as to validity of Marriage, Divorce Annulment $1,405 $1,505
Initiating Application (Parenting OR Financial, Final only) $385 $410
Initiating Application (Parenting OR Financial, Final AND Interim) $515* $550*
Initiating application (Parenting AND Financial, Final only) $625 $670
Initiating Application (Parenting AND Financial, Final AND Interim) $755* $810*
Response to initiating application (Final) $385 $410
Notice of appeal or an application for leave to appeal $1,500 $1,605
Interim order application/Application in a case (Parenting AND/OR Financial) $130 $140
Issue subpoena $60 $65
Setting down for hearing fee (defended matter) (This fee is not refundable) $695 (Div 2) $945 (Div 1) $745 (Div 2) $1,010 (Div 1)
Daily hearing fee (for each hearing day, excluding the first hearing day) $695 (Div 2) $945 (Div 1) $745 (Div 2) $1,010 (Div 1)
Conciliation conference $435 (Both) $465 (Both)
* Initiating applications that seek interim AND final orders also attract the interim order fee. Example: Initiating Application (Parenting AND Financial) $670 + Interim order application $140 = Total filing fee $810 Initiating Application (Parenting OR Financial, Final) $410 + Interim order application $140 = Total filing fee $550 If you hold certain Government concession cards or you can demonstrate financial hardship, you may be eligible for:
^ a reduced fee for an application for divorce (both parties must be eligible if filing a joint application) or decree of nullity.

Often when considering the cost of family law matters, people think only about the cost of legal advice and while lawyers’ fees often make up the majority of the costs incurred, the court fees are an unavoidable addition.

For example, if you and your ex are able to reach an agreement regarding property and/or parenting matters without commencing court proceedings (i.e. through private negotiations, negotiations via your lawyers, or mediation) this agreement can be formalised by consent Orders. In addition to your lawyers’ fees, you will need to pay $195 to the court before they can review the proposed orders.

Your lawyers will keep you updated on the fees we expect to incur, along with the court fees that may be applicable as your matter progresses.

If you have questions about which fees apply in your matter, or you would like to discuss your family law matter generally, please reach out to arrange an appointment with one of our specialised family lawyers.







Isobel Spencer, Solicitor FGD

Article By: Isobel Spencer

Family Lawyer

Prior to entering the legal profession, Isobel worked in the disability and aged care sector and, through this, developed strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build meaningful professional relationships where clients feel heard and supported. Isobel has a particular interest in parenting matters and strives to find a resolution for clients as efficiently as possible.

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