What is consciously uncoupling?

The news has hit the streets; Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin are no longer. But they have chosen to go about it in a dignified way that is respectful of each other; instead of the usual Hollywood slander, the pair have united and told the media that they are “consciously uncoupling.”

And hats off to them! So often we see in our practice as family lawyers bitter fights between ex-spouses where words are said that we didn’t even know existed. But what Gwyn and Chris have identified, and which is something that makes them great parents, is that their relationship hasn’t actually come to an end.

Because they will have a co-parenting relationship for many years to come. Decisions about where Apple and Moses (their fruitfully named children) go to school, what religion they practice, what medical treatment they receive are some of the myriad of decisions that Gwyn and Chris will need to make together.

We look forward to the term “consciously uncoupling” becoming the new buzz word in family law!

We wish them the best for the future.

Iveta Bales

Iveta Bales