amy dunn exhibition

On 22 May, FGD, together with local Canberra artist Amy Dunn, welcomed guests to the opening of Amy’s exhibition, SAFE OPERATING SPACE.

As FGD’s CEO and Amy’s dad, Jim Dunn kicked off the evening with a short speech, before Amy explained her work and the exhibition.

Amy’s work explores the risk we pose to our future by ignoring our dependence on our earth and not changing the way we do things. This message resonates with all of us and it is vital that we must change so that we are not detrimentally affecting our world, Jim told our guests.

Likewise,  in business we must also change what we do or we will be left behind.

Jim announced to our guests that at FGD, we’re on the forefront of a number of exciting changes, the first being that is that a Child and Family Specialist, Amy McGinn, has joined us. As far as we are aware no other firm in Australia has done this. The introduction of Amy and her skills has significantly improved the outcomes for our clients.

Amy is a mental health expert whose role is to help our clients directly with the minefield of emotions they have whilst separating, help our lawyers come up with creative and child focused solutions in children’s cases, and up skill our lawyers to assist clients to reach agreement rather than just know the law and take clients to court.

FGD continues to strive to keep our clients out of court. Our main tool for this is Collaborative Law. Jim explained that the problem we face in spreading the use of collaboration is that we need a family lawyer in another firm to recommend it and whilst many say they do it, they don’t or if they do, they only do it for cases where the parties get on well.

Jim suggested that if guests would like to help separations be fairer, quicker and cheaper, they should spread the word about collaboration.

Our next significant innovation is our work in the digital space, Jim explained. We will shortly be delivering a significant piece of written advice to new clients online using AI technology. More significantly though,  we will soon have a complete online interface, which will allow us to remotely advise clients throughout Australia!

We’d like to thank our guests for attending and celebrating both Amy Dunn, and the exciting new changes FGD are rolling out.

If you’d like more information about anything discussed on the evening, please reach out to us