On 13 April 2018, Tash Priestly and Victoria Blakeley presented a Mythbusters Seminar to family and friends at the FGD Offices in Canberra.

The purpose of the seminar was to provide some general information about family law in an informal setting. We had local wines and beautiful Pialigo Estate catering to set the tone for the night.

The presentation was a hit, and gave us the opportunity to BUST some commonly held family law MYTHS.

It’s hugely important to us that people have the correct information about family law, so to ensure that any common misconceptions were dispelled, we focused on topics that we thought would be of most interest to those in attendance:

De Facto Relationships

  • What is a de facto relationship?
  • Am I in a de facto relationship?
  • What does the existence of a de facto relationship mean for me?

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Binding Financial Agreements (“BFAs”)

  • What are Binding Financial Agreements (BFA)?
  • Do I need a BFA?
  • What does a BFA mean for my assets if I separate?
  • Do I need to be getting married to have a BFA?

During the course of the evening, we also gave some helpful examples of common misunderstandings and well-known family law cases; along the way we answered many questions.

It was great to see our family and friends thinking about family law and how it might apply to their circumstances, now and in the future.

We were thrilled by all of the questions and hypothetical scenarios that we were able to discuss, and it was great to have such a supportive bunch of people gathered in our office, getting a real feel for who we are as professionals and what we do on a day to day basis.

We’re looking forward to another seminar in the not too distant future!
If you have questions about family law, feel free to comment on our post to ask them, or send us an email.

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