I’m the new lawyer at Farrar Gesini Dunn. Most law firms wouldn’t ask a new employee to write a blog post about themselves to update their clientele, but Farrar Gesini Dunn isn’t like most law firms – they don’t mind doing things a little differently.

So, a little bit about me; I grew up in Braidwood, where my parents are Angus cattle farmers. I had an amazing childhood but, from an early age, I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer. After attending Yanco Agricultural High School, I was accepted at the University of Wollongong to study a double degree of Law and Commerce.

Upon graduating, I was hired by a traditional law firm in Orange, NSW, where I was exposed to a wide variety of property and children related Family Law matters. After only a few short months, I was also elected as the New South Wales Young Lawyers Representative in the Central West; a role which I loved.

After finishing up in Orange, I knew that I wanted to find a firm close to home that also focused on achieving amicable settlements where possible, and was somewhere where I could still cater for rural clients.
This is why I chose Farrar Gesini Dunn. Their focus on Collaborative Law and forward thinking is, in my opinion, unsurpassed in the Family Law community.

My aim at FGD is to branch the gap between the rural community and their legal avenues.The ways in which FGD are able to be flexible with their rural clientele is vast.

They understand that sometimes it is not possible for a client to come into the office if it is calving season or if it is time to harvest, and so have adjusted their firm to cater for this. From enabling home visits at your property to setting up meetings via video link after hours or even being available for consults on a weekend, they show that they work around your schedule to ensure that no rural client is disadvantaged.

So, if you are from a rural area wanting Family Law advice or simply have a question relating to your separation, please contact us.

If you have any other ideas for ways in which we can cater to your situation, please leave a comment on this post.

Amy Simpson is a solicitor in our Canberra Office.

Amy Simpson