Most people spend a lot of time at their workplace (particularly lawyers) and it becomes very much like their home away from home.
Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful life events that people go through. It can be emotionally draining, confronting, stressful, but also enlightening, liberating and therapeutic!
The move to our new “home” has been all that and more! It has been exciting and has seen us breath new life, enthusiasm and energy into what we do and the way we do things. We are practically paperless (and therefore more green!), we are all about activity-based working and working in a new open plan space with our colleagues, clients and friends.
We understand how the environment in which you see a lawyer can often be sterile, unwelcoming and frankly impersonal, and whilst our move hasn’t been because of a relationship breakdown, it has been one of a “divorce” in one sense from the mould of what a lawyer and a lawyer’s office is.
We are modern lawyers, real people, real lawyers, modern people. We are personable and we are different. It is one of the reasons why you choose us to represent you. With that in mind, upon walking up the stairs through the greenery to our office, you will see us sitting up to the kitchen bench with a cup of coffee, sitting on the green or on our swing set.
We now have an environment that reflects our personality; being warm, welcoming, open and inviting. We welcome you to our new home-away-from-home, and hope that you find it as enjoyable and inviting as we do. Come play on the grass or sit in the swing and enjoy!
Sarah Keenan
lounge  garden