Farrar Gesini Dunn  are proud to be associated with Karinya House, a community based organisation supporting vulnerable and at risk pregnant and early parenting women in Canberra and the surrounding region.

While many would say Mothers Day is a ‘hallmark’ occasion, it is a time for us to reflect on our mothers and those who may not have the official title but are playing the role; a situation that we see in the family law teams at FGD regularly.

With this in mind and Mothers Day just around the corner, we wanted to ensure that the Karinya House residents were going to be celebrating  Mothers Day (in most cases their first) and to see if we could play a small part in making their day brighter. After some discussions with Jo and the casework team, our lovely receptionist Lynne went shopping for some winter dressing gowns and slippers, perfect for chilly Canberra.

This last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Karinya House and present Senior Case worker Cath O’Halloran with a gift for each of the residents to open on Sunday. Listening to Cath speak about how much this simple gift would mean to the ladies, I was reminded that it is often the simplest gesture or act of kindness that can be appreciated the most, especially to a new mother.

As many of us at FGD are mums (and dads too), we are drawn to Karinya House and the work they do. Although many of us have been blessed to be surrounded by love and support from family and friends, a ‘village’ surrounding us, we know it is absolutely terrifying when you first bring that little baby home. This version of the story is not the one commonly heard at Karinya House, the residents are often isolated from loved ones and have challenges including drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and immigration issues.

As one of FGD’s mums, my ‘village’ has adapted as my life has changed and my children grown older, I was lucky enough to be introduced to FGD by my own mum, Elizabeth, who is a Senior PA in the ADR team and has been working with the firm for 9 years. I have been with Farrar Gesini Dunn for 4 years and am so pleased to be part of an organisation that is made up of 75% women; 36% of those women are working mums, 11% have previously been working mums, all of whom support each other and our clients, to be the best parents they can be.

I, and all of us at FGD, would like to wish my mum, the women of Karinya House and all of the mothers in the FGD community a very Happy Mothers Day.

People Manager