When families are together, children usually get to see their parents every day. It’s when families separate that the children end up feeling unsure about when they will next see the other parent who they don’t live with.

It’s always best for separated parents to agree on the time the children get to spend with each parent. This sends a positive message to the children that even though their parents can no longer live together, they can still co-parent with one another and make the best decisions that they possibly can for their children.

However in some cases, and for various reasons, parents don’t always agree.

The law in Australia talks about the child’s right to know and have a meaningful relationship with both parents. It’s the children who have rights, not the parents! As every family is unique, what works well for one family may not work at all for another family. There are factors which need to be considered such as how old the children are, whether they attend school, do the children have special needs and do they have extra curricular activities, what work commitments each parent has and whether they impact on their ability to spend time with the children including overnight time.

If you separate and you’re unsure about what to do about the arrangements for your children, please contact one of our lawyers at Farrar Gesini Dunn who specialise in children’s matters.

Lucy Stramandinoli

Lucy Stramandinoli