women of FGD

There have been many inspiring and empowering stories that we have come across this week as the world celebrated International Women’s Day.
Fittingly, we’d also like to take the time to reflect on the achievements of our own women; our staff, our clients and the broader FGD community.

At FGD, we feel proud of the women in our firm and what we do to empower all women every day.

Our firm is made up of 75% women and that is a pretty impressive number. 63% of our Directorship are women and we are really proud of that fact!

Many of our women are also mums. 36% are working mums at the moment, 11% have previously been working mums (i.e. their kids are now mostly independent) and one has her first baby on the way! Some may think that makes for a pretty chaotic working environment, but it doesn’t at all.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer our staff and we realise that our staff are all highly capable of effectively juggling all of their commitments. The women in our office maintain a great home/work balance and work well within our team to ensure our whole firm continues to perform.

From a management perspective it’s not hard, because everyone gets in and does their bit. Our impressive statistics are not deliberate, we have so many capable women in our team simply because these women are excellent at what they do. Equally, flexible working arrangements are offered to the working dads at FGD and they juggle everything almost as well (alright, just as well)!

This is one of the reasons why we exceed as a specialist family law firm; we get what it’s like for our clients. We understand the challenges that family presents. Some of our mums are single working mums and they inspire us every day. We are proud of the fact that we can bring all of our gained experiences and knowledge together to educate and empower our clients (both male and female) to successfully get through a separation and deal with all of the challenges that arise along the way.

So on behalf of all the FGD women, we hope that you have also felt inspired by the positivity surrounding this very special week.

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Allie Johnson-Davey is the Personal Assistant to the CEO in our Canberra Office